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Air Jet Soil Disperser

For dispersing soils for grain-size analysis.

THE AIR JET DISPERSION TUBE was invented at Iowa State University by T. Y. Chu and D. T. Davidson. It is used in university, highway, agricultural, and geotechnical laboratories and is an ASTM alternate.

A major advantage is that pre-soaking and dispersion take place in the sedimentation cylinder so there is no transfer of soil prior to testing.

An even more important advantage over the conventional malted-milk mixer is more vigorous stirring that increases dispersion of tough clay while at the same time causing less degradation of mica particles. (However, it is not recommended for making chocolate malts.)

An air source capable of furnishing up to 5 cfm for a period of 5 minutes is required. The air jet is operated at 25 psi with clay, 10 psi with sand.

This all-new design is machined in the U.S.A. from stainless steel and has a removable bottom plug for cleaning. Some units have been in daily use in highway laboratories for over 20 years.

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