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About Us

The best time to deal with a landslide is before it happens.

Welcome to Handy Geotechnical Instruments. We make instruments for rapid in situ strength testing of soil and rock by professional Geotechnical Engineers and Engineering Geologists.

Our Team

Jeramy Ashlock, PhD


Steve Claussen

Vice President

Shelina Ashlock


We’re Quite Multi-Disciplined

How We Can Help You

Borehole Shear Tester

Cohesion and internal friction both occur in most soils, so measuring one without the other gives only half of the story.

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Rock Borehole Tester

For rapid in situ measurements of the cohesion and friction angle of rocks including limestone, sandstone, shale, coal, weathered granite, basalt, etc.

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Ko Stepped Blade

Lateral stress (pressure) is one of the most critical measures affecting soil behavior—and almost never is measured! Why? Because until recently it has been too difficult to measure.

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Air Jet Soil Disperser

For dispersing soils for grain-size analysis.

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